Saturday, December 6, 2014

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby, Ruby, Ruby) coming!

Hey family!

So President Tye gave us time today to email before the typhoon hits because he thinks that we're gonna get smashed but we're probably actually not so theres really nothing to worry about, I am not worried at all. Theres only a 60% chance that it will even make land fall. We'll also get to email on Monday so I really dont have anything to say right now that I wont say on Monday, I'll just wait until then to tell you guys about my week and stuff!
Maddie is pretty worried about me though because of this typhoon, so maybe you guys could like I dont know comfort her somehow! 
Just in case anything bad happens or we're arent able to email on Monday, I love you all! I miss you guys a lot! 
I do have some pictures to send today though so I'll send some pictures! yay!

I love you guys, I'll most likely email again on Monday!
Elder Lasley!
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