Sunday, September 15, 2013

4 Weeks - Dreamin' in Tagalog

September 7, 2013

Its me, your son! Its 9:28 AM on Saturday. I woke up at 6:30 like I do every morning. But there was something different about this day...its P-day. What a glorious day. P-day. Time flies by here, I can still vividly remember getting out of dads truck and you guys saying your goodbyes to me, but I've already been here for almost 4 weeks. A whole month! I have a hard time picking what memories to place on what days of the week because everyday just seems to blend together. For example I sent you guys a letter sometime this week but I can't remember if I sent it on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday so I have no idea when you guys will be getting it. 
This week Elder Shelley and I had 6 investigator appointments, 3 lessons each for two "investigators". It can get pretty stressful because we do not have a large amount of time to prepare for each lesson so it would be hard enough already in English, but oh no, we can't have English speaking investigators, that's unheard of! Our investigators speak only Tagalog, do not understand even one single word of English. So yeah, I guess I am getting pretty good at teaching the PMG (preach my gospel) lessons because I've got to know them in English before I hope to learn them in Tagalog. 

Tagalog is going pretty good though, I feel myself continually learning. Sometime this week, I had my first dream in Tagalog! Well part of it was. But it was so weird! I'm hearing this language too much my brain is starting to make people in my dreams speak it!  In other news, I think I have a new favorite word: "kamayangkang" which means "swagger" ahahah tell that one to Ben and Sam. Oh, and if they want to say it, all they a's make a short o noise. 

I love to hear about home! I'm jealous of Cafe Rio, and just home-cooked meals in general. The food here is getting SO OLD. I dread meals because the food makes me sad, but nevertheless I must eat. I don't quite think I'm gaining any weight though. I weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 143, about the same as when I left. I'm also doing around 20 pull ups a night, so I'm hoping to bulk up a little bit. If I do gain weight, I don't want it to be in fat, I want it to be in muscle! 

It sounds like Ben really does like cross-country, that's awesome. He'll probably be better than me pretty soon here. My best 5k was about 18:30, let me know what Ben's are! Sophomore year my best was about 20:30-21:00, somewhere around there. I feel like he could probably beat that. How's Sam doing? Is 8th grade going well? And tell those guys to stay on top of their school work or they'll regret it! How's Dad doing too? I'm pretty sure not much is changing or going on at home, but I feel like it is just because I'm not there! Like, I'm probably not missing much, but I sure feel like I am.

That's funny that Dad accidentally texted Jeremy aha, he was probably pretty confused. I haven't heard from him, do you think you guys could get his email or give him my email or something? Also, Kyle got here on Wednesday, but I haven't seen or heard from him at all either! I know there's upward of 2000 people here at the main campus, but I usually have no problem running into people I may know. I've run into 3 kids from EFY, a girl from Flagstaff who was in the Doney Park Ward, and Daniel Frost, but no Kyle! I hope he's not at the west campus, that would suck. I'm going to email him today and find out!

Anyways, the letter I sent sometime this week says more about the MTC I think, so be expecting that.

Oh and also, tie trading is huge here! I've traded probably about a third of the ties I came with for others, so it would be awesome I you guys could send me some cheap thrift-store ties like you did two weeks ago, I'll trade for some cool ones and send Sam and Ben back a few. But literally just a package full of ties would be awesome! 

I love and miss you guys a whole lot, keep me updated and I'll keep writing!

Elder Lasley

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