Monday, September 30, 2013

Finally in the Philippines!

I'm here! I'm in the Philippines!
Alright, first, I'm going to tell you about my whole experience here so far. I don't have that much time on the computer but know that I did read your whole mail even if I dont mention it all!
 Adam and his new companion in the Philippines
okay here it goes.
I got here in my area on Wednesday afternoon after we had a new missionary orientation at the mission home! Im in an city called Bacoor, it's very dirty and crowded and gross and there are a large amount of poor poor people, but there are also a good amount of wealthy people.  The first day, Wednesday, we rode a jeepney (crazy things) to our apartment (which I will send you pictures of, don't worry) which is in a more wealthy part of town. My companion Elder Zacarias asked me if I wanted to rest or get to work and guess what I said? rest! just kidding I actually said lets get to work! So he said we had two appointments with an investigating family and a less active family. They both lved in the same part of town, an extremely poor area. Their houses are about the size of the upstairs bathroom, with ust usually dirt floors. We taught the first family about the restoration and I bore my testimony the best I could in tagalog and then at the end, we gave their baby girl a priesthood blessing because she was sick. I annointed with oil and my companion sealed and blessed her (in tagalog). The second family was much like the first, but they had 3 grown chilren (18, 20 and 21) and spoke little to no english, so I kind of just sat there and bore my testimony the best I could. It was a very humbling exeperience.
 A girl named Princess


I dont have time to give you every detail of everyday so I'll give you the main stuff!
The next day we visited 4 familys, 1 of which served us lunch and the other served us dinner. Adobo! It's a chicken and vegetable dish, very masarap (delicous). The others, we tauight about the restoration. And that's pretty much what we did everyday until Sunday actually! A lot of lessons, a lot of testimonies born because that's about all I know how to do off the top of my head, and a lot of jeepney rides.
on Sunday, we went to church and I was called up as a new missioanry to bear my testimony! I was very nervous and I said most of it in English and I also started crying in the middle of it which nobody understood, but I did just fine I think.
After church we had more proselytizing and also had no food at the house so I went hungry yaaaayyy. I will send you pictures don't worry because there's a lot of details I am leaving out because I don't have that much time on here! I'll write letters too, but they'll probably be pretty outdated by the time you get them. But that's okay.
Anyways, today is P-day and I am in an internet cafe using a computeer to email right now. I'm emailing Maddie too! I'm really happy you want to have Maddie over for dinner, I was goiung to mention to you that I want Maddie to feel close to you guys because I know this is hard for her, so if she's close to my family it may feel easier for her. Yes have her over for dinner! And talk to her, she loves it! Have her over for dinner often!
I miss you guys a whole lot! It sounds like the same old same old in Flagstaff, which I miss. I've been pretty homesick these past few days, sometimes, quite often actually, I think "I wonder what everyone's doing at home right now" and I just get homesick. But it's okay, I'll get over it! I really miss Maddie too. But I don't let it distract me from my work! I just pray for her and you guys a lot.
I love you guys and here are some pictures! I'm sorry this is a bad email, but I really don't get enough time on here. I love you guys!
Love Elder Lasley

At the MTC with Elder Shelley and our Teacher

Snack Time at the MTC

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