Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 3: General Conference

I’m going to reply to yours and Dad’s email in this one so here it goes:

This week nothing really very abnormal or write-worthy happened, we had lessons everyday and studying and just the normal missionary life. There was a bit of a storm, probably the very edge of a typhoon, on Thursday Friday and Saturday though!  It rained like torrentially and flooded, in many places there was like a foot of water on the road and on the streets.  It was pretty crazy. On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference which was awesome!  It toook pretty much all day both of those days, but it was totally worth it.  I have never gotten so much out of a general conference! 

Oh something that did happen was my nice REI umbrella was taken from the church during conference, so as of right now I only have my cheap one, but we're on the look out so no worries.
I will make that phone call to the bank later today hopefully! Not that I am in need of money, but I may be sometime so it would be a good idea haha.

I am becoming pretty accustomed to missionary life, and I'm settling in fine!  Everything is just fine here in the Philippines. I have not been to the mission home since the first day, but I will be going there on the 23rd I think for a new missionary follow up training!

I feel Ben, hahah, cross country gets very tiring and I always wanted it to end before it did also. He should totally do that highschool NJB with his friends, that would be a blast! I wanted to, but I didn’t have any friends to play with.

Sam sounds like the same old Sam! ahahah He makes me laugh. Personal hygiene? No biggie ahaha. He'll learn, no worries. 

Dad sounds no different either! ahah. That dang boat. And business trips, sound pretty luxurious ahah.

I'm not 100% sure if i will actually go to Hong Kong, its only if my permanent visa doesn’t go through. I think. I have no idea! But I would be going on November 20th I think.

I'm sorry I don’t have much to write this week, but it wasn’t a very exciting week. I'll send a lot of pictures next week, but there aren’t really any this week! Sorry! I miss you guys a lot though and I love you!
Elder Lasley

Oh oh questions!  My favorite scripture is D&C 6:36!
For Christmas? I have no idea. maybe a rain coat? Or a new pair of shoes? Whatever you feel! It honestly doesn’t matter to me, I'm easy going.
I don’t need anyththing, I'm doing just fine :)
And yes you can definitely post my mailing address on facebook!  That would be awesome! 
I love you guys, and I miss you.

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