Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 5: Tagaytay and Baptism

Dad! and Family!

Hey guys! This week has been pretty normal for the missionary life! Except on Saturday we did have 6 baptisms! Me and my companion only actually had one, the others were another set of missionaries. anyways, I baptized two of them! the first man I baptized, Ashly, when I dunked him, he put his foot up out of the water so I had to dunk him again ahahaha. Also, a funny thing is that I forgot to bring a second white shirt to change into after the baptism, so the rest of the night proselyting I had to wear a soaking wet white shirt ahahha and it was pretty much see through. but oh well! It felt good because it was quite a hot night.
anyways, we have a few new investigators, and two of them came to church on Sunday! It was great seeing them there. they actually came to the baptisms too! It was awesome. but one of them is moving to Manila next month or soon so we wont be baptizing him, we'll just have to refer him to the missionaries in manila.
that's really all that's worth telling this week! don't worry, every other day was just regular teaching appointments, you aren't missing anything. 
 Go Dad! You're like the sonoran gopher snake hunter! Steve Irwin! 
Wait no he was the Crocodile hunter. but that's okay you were close.
but that's awesome! I've only seen one snake here. and it was dead on the side of the road ahaha. it was about a foot long garter snake. nothing special. but I did catch a frog! 
I love haring about Ben and Sam's sports! Its awesome that Sam's playing soccer and basketball right now. and still staying involved in scouts! that cant be easy. it must be busy around the house, even without me!
Ben's doing awesome from what I hear. You should tell Ben and Sam to email be personally! I want to hear from them.
before I forget, I thought of something I want for Christmas! If we still have that little ipod shuffle, it would be awesome if you guys could fill it with a whole bunch of Disney music! like Up, the Incredibles, Tangled (a request from Maddie, she wants me to know every word to every song on the Tangled soundtrack when I come home), etc... that would be awesome! because apparently Disney music is allowed! yay!
now to answer some questions! 
my cheap umbrella is just fine, no worries! It hasn't rained much lately anyways. 
mosquitoes aren't that bad at all! I haven't even opened me DEET yet.
we have so little time to write in our journals! but I write a little something every other day usually.
my shoes are doing fine! I just shined them for the first time last week and they look good as new! I haven't even worn the hush puppies yet, but I will.
don't worry about asking questions, I'm fine with answering anything! 
tell Auntie Jen I think about her and Uncle Ron and Dylan oh an Nana and I actually had a dream about Auntie Jen ahah! I just have so little time to email so many people and I rarely get around to emailing her! but I love them and think about them! and everyone too! Grammy and Pops and Mia and the twins and uncle Robert and uncle Scott and auntie CJ and Rachel!!11
anyways, I love you guys a whole lot! and I miss you too. thanks for all the support and love I really feel it! I'm gonna send some pictures now yay!
Elder Lasley.
 Bacoor City

Bacoor City


Our District


Monkeys in a cage

 Zone Activity in Tagaytay

Tagaytay.  Crater Lake with Volcano


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