Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 7: Typhoon !

Family! Hey!
We as missionaries are pretty cut off from the rest of the world and even the rest of the country, so we heard about the typhoon but we literally had no idea of its extent! I'm glad JT is okay! That's crazy. We were only in the very very very edge of the typhoon, we just had moderate rain and pretty strong winds. We were told by President Tye to not proselyte on Friday so we just stayed in our house all day, it was a pretty boring day. But it all blew over over night. Good thing too, because on Saturday, we had 3 baptisms! That's right, another three! We are DOIN WORK HERE IN BACOOR. Since I've been here, the ward I'm in had already had 9 baptisms of new converts (5 by the other missionary companionship and 4 by us)! Our ward has a monthly goal of 2 baptisms and we've already almost doubled this months, and we tripled last months. I heard rumors of our ward maybe having to split soon. Our baptisms this Saturday were one 22 year old girl named Mary Rose, and then two children from a previously less active family (that we brought back into activity may I mention) a boy named Jonas Hular who's 11 and  girl named Jomerlly Hular who's 8. Elder Zacarias and I have gotten really close to Mary Rose and the Hular family. It was absolutely great to taste the fruits of our labor. I have had the opportunity to baptize 4 of our own investigators and 1 other who I was asked to by the other companionship. They all bore their testimonies afterwards and the spirit was so strong and they knew, even the 8 and 11 year olds, that they had made the right choice to be baptized and had entered through the gateway to eternal life! I really hope to be able to see the Hular family be sealed in the Manila temple, because they are able to now! that would be awesome. That's our number one goal here as missionaries, to complete eternal families! what a blessing it is to be a missionary and help people accomplish things that will lead them to live with our Heavenly Father again. Always pray for and be grateful of the missionaries! our work is hard but our labors do  not go unnoticed, especially by Heavenly Father.
Anyways, other than those things, this week had been a pretty normal week in the life of a missionary! We've been low on food lately, but we've graciously had the ability to eat at members houses an awful lot, which is nice, FEED THE MISSIONARIES. they like food., we all do. our meals are never guaranteed, such a hard life. just kidding ahahshd.
I love to hear about Ben and Sam! Ben's doing awesome in cross-country, he whooped my time! what an animal. I honestly didn't hink he would be so good. its a hidden talent.
and Sam's doing awesome too! even though his team isn't so hot, he's awesome. He's like Blake Griffin I think. He's a baller but he can never land a good team. I mean I don't know much about him right now because I don't know anything about the real world ahha but from previous knowledge.
well anyways, I have some pictures this week so I'll send you guys some! but other than that, I love you guys! I think about you all often but I dont let it distract me from my work, dont worry. I love you guys! 
Elder Lasley

The Elders of Bacoor District, Cavite Mission

The Baptism !

Rice fields at nigth

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