Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 12: Mission Christmas Party

Family! Hey there! I'm here!

It really is the Christmas season! I miss that familiar hustle and bustle around the house at this time. Nothing's changed here! Although, yesterday,we did have a Mission Christmas party! Every missionary in the whole Cavite Mission! It was tons of fun. We had a small gift exchange (I gave an R&B Christmas Hits album, and received a dispicable me mug and double a batteries ahaha), played games, had a zone talent show, had a devtional and a picture slideshow which Sister Tye said she was going to put on the Cavite Mission facebook page, so look out for that. I am featured in it multiple times. :) Anyways, that's why I couldn't email you yesterday! Our P-day was switched to today (Tuesday), just for this week.
Again, just remember that I did read the whole email you guys sent me but I cannot reply to everything! Just know that I did read it and I miss you guys! 
This week is about to be very busy! Tomorrow, we have a transfer meeting, and Elder Zacarias is getting transferred! Actually, he's training a new missionary again! Crazy. Which means I will be staying in Bacoor, but will be getting a new companion! I guess his name is Elder Acosta, I haven't met him yet, but I've heard good things about him. I will be the junior companion still, but I'll be leading the area! I'm really nervous. Hopefully I've listened and understood enough of the Tagalog I've heard from our investigators to know whats going on around here. ahahah. We have at least two investigators who are really progressing and on their way to baptism right now. One is a 54 year old man named Allen and the other is a 9 year old boy named John! John's mom and dad and older brother are actually members, but after his older brother was baptized, they fell into inactivity so John was never baptized. But they have started coming to church again and he is really looking forward to his baptism! If he is baptized, it will be a completed family and a less active family brought back into activity! It's really great. But now since Elder Zacarias is leaving, it's up to me to finish up his teaching and get him baptized! That's what's making me nervous, I'm getting a whole lot more responsibility, which is great! But it'll be tough. but I'm up for it, I think I can do this! With Heavenly Father's help obviously haha.
Anyways, I'll send some pictures now! Not a whole lot to say this week.
Oh, first! So about skyping on Christmas! So there is one internet shop where I would be able to skype, but its not private, it would be very weird. But I'd be okay with it! So we can definitely skype. It would probably be around 10 o'clock here, which would be Christmas eve around 7 o'clock in Flag. If it's better, I could actually skype you guys on the 26th, which would make it Christmas night there? Tell me what the better date is for me to skype on. I would also really love to talk with Maddie, so maybe you guys could have her over at the house for just like an hour on Christmas eve?  I guess I'll have to make a skype account next week though. no worries, everything should work out fine. It would be great if you guys could contact Maddie and make sure if it's okay for her to come over for an hour or two on Christmas eve though!
I love and miss you guys!
Elder Lasley :)
 Elder Fernando! He's from Sri Lanka and goes home tomorrow. Yay!
 I haven't seen any giant spiders here yet (I've heard they can be as big as my hand) but I did see this massive grasshopper bigger than my thumb that could probably kill me if it wanted to ahahaha
Elders of Bacoor District
 My lunch (ArmyNavy burger and burrito)
 Some dope graffiti

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