Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 14: Baptism!

Hey Dad! 

I am doing just fine! How are you doing? Oh a business trip, fun!

Things are great here, we had two baptisms on Saturday, that was awesome. Its great to be able to taste the fruits of your labors. They were both super prepared and will be great members of the church. One of them is a 42 year old father and is now the only member in his family. He has 5 children and a wife and after he was baptized, he said "they're next!" ahahah. It made us super happy. He knows what he did was the right decision and he wants to see the rest of his family follow in his footsteps. So we plan to begin teaching the rest of his family soon. we would love to be able to complete his family and be the ones to let them know that they can be together for eternity.
Things are going great with Elder Acosta! He's a great, fun companion. We get work done and still manage to have a many laughs throughout the day. I have no problems with him at all! I hope he thinks the same haha. We get along great though, we're very close.
I have the nerf hoop set up, but I'm the only one thats used it so far! I'll try to get a house game going, that'd be fun. A lot of my free time has been spent learning songs on the ukulele! I'm thinking of buying one actually. They're super fun. and you know how I love music.
Yeah my birthday is coming up! We're hoping to have a small celebration. My actual birthday is on a transfer day, when I am most likely being transferred, so I'd rather celebrate my birthday with families I have gotten to know in this area than families I will have just met once I transfer, so we're gonna celebrate a few days early.
Life sounds as usual up in Flagstaff! I miss it and you guys!
Sam is an absolute animal! I wish I could watch some of his games. That Larry Bird jersey is probably helping him with his 3-point game. ;)
It's awesome that Ben is involved in extra curriculars and stuff too! I always worried he would be one of those kids who doesn't want to do anything more than perform mediocrely in school. I'm glad he's having fun!
That picture is my favorite! Grammy and Pops doing my crooked peace sign! ahahah They're the best! We should get that picture put on t shirts and send one to everyone in the family!
And oh sweet, I'm the real deal now huh!
Anyways, I love you guys and I love getting an email from you each week! Good luck with your presentation and in California! 
Elder Lasley :)
Elder Lasley in the Philippines



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