Saturday, April 19, 2014

March 23: FHE

Hey family! So I havent recieved an email from you guys yet, but its totally okay because I understand! you guys are probably driving home from california as I type! So really its fine if I dont get an email from you guys today, just make sure next weeks is super awesome! I have a whole lot of emails this week anyways so I gotta reply to them! SO I'll just give you guys a brief overview of my week!
Monday: duh P-day. but after p-day, we were invited to a family home evening in the sisters area, which was a ton of fun! it was at this old couples house, whos kids no longer live with them so theyre like super lonely and we just brightened their day! yay! I'll send some pictures of that latah.
Tuesday: district meeting (just like every tuesday) and regular missoinary work. nothing big. We did teach Vincent, probably our most progressing investigator about the law of chastity which is always fun! yay law of chastity! dont worry he didnt have any problems with it.
Wednesday: our work today was terrible ahaha. we got punted from every single plan we had to go to! punted is missionary vocab for every single place we went to was like "I'm busy right now" or "maybe another day" or just had some lame excuse ahaha. but its okay, no effort is wasted! I know the people we opened our mouths to, or stopped by at, we're positively effected by knowing that we care about them! 
Thursday: we went to our other area today, the one we dont go to a whole lot. again, we didnt have many planned places to visit so we did a lot of finding! we kind of even went actual tracting! and out of that came 3 new investigators! a single family invited us inside to share a message, so again, no effort is wasted! it was a good day over all. OH! also, we were walking around and we saw a white guy! and he called to us and was like "hows Salt Lake City?" because I guess he knew we were mormons, so we took the chance to talk to him! it turns out he is from Germany, working in the Philippines because hes over retirement age in Germany so he couldnt get any work there, and he says he likes to work, he doesnt want to just wait until he dies ahaha. hes a porfessional photographer! anwyays, we talked to him for a few minutes. then he invited us back on sunday, and said he would buy a "shwarzvelder" or something like that, which means black forest cake for us when we come back! 
Friday: was a lot like wednesday, we were punted an awful lot, but we did have ne lesson. yay!
Saturday: another punty day. it was just a punty week I guess! we only had two lessons, but they were both awesome so its cool.
Sunday!: was super cool! We went to our other area again and again we were punted a lot, but its okay! we visited a lot of the people that we foud on thursday but they were either not home or had some excuse ahah. then we returned to Udo! oh eah thats the German guys name. and he was actually expecting us! we didnt know if maybe he was just inviting us back to be nice and wasnt expecting us t actually come back. anyways, he invited us upstairs and we all three sat on his balcony deck thing and ate black forest cake! and talked about some of his religious beliefs, and then talked about ours and we had like a friendly religious exchange. it was super cool. He didnt exactly have our same beliefs, he believed a lot about like science haha like a scientologist or soemthing, but it was still very cool and a great experience! not to mention interesting. and he invited us back and said he'd take some pictures of us in his professional studio! which is in his house by the way ahah. but how cool would that be! 
Monday: woke up, played basketball, studied, emailed (currently) not much ahahaha.
Well that was my week! again, you guys better send me a super nice email next week yeah? ya hear? :)
I'll send some pictures now! I love you guys, Stay Golden Lasley Family!

Elder Lasley!
 Keep Hanging On

Family Home evening with the Sisters

Our District (with Elder Zacharias, my teacher).

 Family Home Evening with the Sisters

 Just Me

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