Saturday, April 19, 2014

March 16: Spoke at Baptism and ANTS!

Holy cow! Now thats the kind of letter I'm talking about Lasley family! and guests.
"Edna Mode. and guest." is that what it says? I havent seen The Incredibles in like a year.
Anyways, WHOOOOAAAA SPRING BREAK 2014! I wish I was there, it sounds like a freakin blast! I've never even been to Magic Mountain! dang. Its like the whole family except for me ahaha. Hopefully Kyle and Spencer make up for my absence. 
You guys look great! I love the hat picture! Mom looks like a super star! ahahaha does she know about that picture? I dont think she would be okay with you sending it if she knew what she looked like in that picture. :) My second favorite person in that picture is Sam. He looks like one of those American Girl dolls. ahaha. and Kyle and Ben naka-bro tanks, steezin and breezin. "naka-" is tagalog for like "wearing" lol quick tagalog lesson. and Dad in case you didnt know, "steezin" is swag language for like "handsome" ahahahahahaha. in tagalog its "pogi" pronounced like "pogey" hard g. like it rhymes with bogey. like one above par. in golf.
ANYWAYS, this week was pretty average in my Filipino life! Wednesday was transfer day! AND
I wasnt transferred. neither was Elder Matina. so no changes there. ahaha. BUT one of the elders in our house was transferred! remember the little filipino, Elder Tinasas? he was our district leader, but he got called to transfer and become a Zone leader! so Elder Haufano's new companion is Elder Mauvesi, straight outta Fiji! He's super cool. And Elder Matina was called to be our new district leader! So now our house has all foreigners, no filipinos, a Canadian (me) an American-Samoan (Elder Matina) a New Zealander (Elder Haufano) and  Fijian! Its like an islander party plus me because I'm from good old Canada! and now our district, which consists of us 4 and 4 sister missionaries, is almost totally foreign also! only one filipina. theres 2 Samoan sisters (one from australia) an American and a Filipina. its like a foreigner party! MISTER WORLDWIDE
just kidding thats Pitbull and hes the worst rapper ever created. 
speaking of rappers, Danny Brown fixed his teeth?! thats like illegal! Ben Kyle you guys know Crooked Smile by J. Cole? that song is all about J. Cole not fixing his teeth! Dangit Danny. 
ANYWAYS, another cool thing about his week is that the sister missionaries in our district so lovingly invited us to their baptism on Saturday. When me and Elder Matina showed up, they handed us the program and well would you look at that! Elder Matina and I were just coincidentally assigned to speak at the baptism ahaha. So we had about 0 minutes preparation, Elder Matina spoke on baptism and the holy ghost, and I spoke on enduring to the end. in complete tagalog because we're tagalog bosses now. Elder Matina is still better than me, but I think I'm closing the gap! I'm getting much better, noticeably better. 
Also tell Ben and Sam I mailed them each a letter this week! I also mailed Grammy and Pops a letter, and you guys (Mom and Dad) too! I'm sorry for everyone who is there that I didnt mail a letter to, if you want one, I would be happy to send one! Especially you, Spencer Larson. and you Kyle Pilcher. and you Brayden and Payton Orwat. and everyone else too yay!
I miss all you guys a whole lot! Everyone there! Mom and Dad and Ben and Sam and Dylan and Nana and Auntie Jen and Uncle Ron and Auntie Mia and Uncle Robert and Mama Orwat and Brayden and Payton and especially Grammy and Pops oh and Spencer Larson!
These Ants are Terrorists
Our Zone
 Me and Elder Matinas

 Me, Elder Matinas and Elder Iraolas

 My Ghetto Breakfast:  Corn flakes and Syrup



 My Spirit Cat

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