Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9: Mission Tour

Hey Dad and family!

Hows the fam?! Things are going great here in Dasma! sorry I dont really have any wild stories this week, it was a regular, normal, same ole, same ole week for a missionary here in the Philippines! Oh but I do need to ask you guys something. So on Wednesday, I recieived a package from Maddie (yay) which was sent on december 12 (ages ago) I only just got it because it was in customs for like a month, they opened it and everything because it was fairly large, luckily thy didnt take anything, but they did charge me 3444 pesos for the customs fee, which is about 80 dollars, and I have to pay it to the mission office on wednesday, so I was wondering, should I withdraw the money from my wells fargo bank card? or should I pay for it using mission funds? if I pay for it with mission funds, I get a docked support fund every support cycle for 3 support cycles, which means I will have less money to pay for food and transportation and other necessities. I was thinking taking it out of my bank card would be better, but what do you guys think?
anyways, besides that, its still really hot here, but it did rain on wednesday! maybe rainy season is comin early this year (hopefully)
I wrote some letters to Ben and Sam and I'll send them out on wednesday so tel them to expect them! yay!
Ben is just getting cooler and cooler  holy cow what an animal, playin lacrosse and showin fools up! thats my brother out there!
Sam is still doin his thang, ballin hard, how many girlfriends does he currently have? dang whata stud
the house looks awesome! I'd like to see a picture of the inside when its complete! I'm excited to come home to such a changed house ahaha. Niles sounds like same ole Niles, and I hope Jasmine and Kitty are doin their things too! I miss all the animals ahaha.
Oh my I almost forgot! ON wednesday we had this thing called mission tour, which is when an area president from the 70 comes and tours all the missions in the philippines! so Elder Neilson of the 70 and the Philippines area presidency came to the cavite mission and we had a huge devotional that lasted like 5 hours where we got to hear Elder Neilson speak about missoinary work and other things and also from President Tye and Sister Tye and Elder Neilsons wife! It was a great experience and very spiritual. it was with about half the mission too, so there was a lot of people there (he did two, one the next day for the other half of the mission).
that is about the only major happening this week.
I haven't tried any new foods lately, but I'm always open to new ones! I'll keep you guys posted.
that spider was about the size of my hand! and they get bigger!
ahaha 8:00 is usually a last-lesson appointment because curfew is 9:30 ahah, so its a convenient time for us missionaries. I do look very forward to Mother's day when I will be skyping (yes it most likely will be on mothers day!) I'm excited to see you guys again! 
Have a great week all of you, I love you guys and miss you! Stay golden Lasley family.
Now I'll send some pictures!

Love, your son,
Elder Lasley! :)
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