Monday, March 10, 2014

Feb 16 2014: Dockers and the Beach

Hey Family! I wish it felt like Flagstaff Spring here! it mostly just feels like Dante's Inferno. Its pretty freakin hot right now, and the hottest month of the year isnt even until April :( I'm not looking forward to it. literally you step outside and start sweating. immediately. This week was crazy busy! On tuesday we had a zone meeting, with our whole zone, for 3 hours! Elder Zacarias, my fisrt companion, is in our zone, so I got to see him, it was pretty cool. then on Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Tye! It was great to see and talk weith them. During my interview with Sister Tye, she noticed my pants didnt have a defined crease in them and said "Are those dress slacks? because they look a little bit more like Dockers to me. I dont think Dockers are allowed" and I was like "Oh I was not aware of that. Dockers are all I have!" and she said "if its okay with you, I would ask you to buy some real dress slacks" so I just said "okay, yeah I can definitely do that" I was kind of shocked to be called out like that. anyways, then yesterday, Sister Tye texts me and says "I was looking on the missionary website online and actually it doesnt say anything about dockers being unacceptable so dont buy new pants!" then she apologized to me for calling me out and she felt really bad and I was just like "Sister its completely fine, I totally understand dont worry about it!" ahahah it was funny. then she told us that Elder Matinas mom called her a JOY on a blog comment and I said well you are a joy sister Tye! boom brownie points. its safe to say she loves me. I mean she loves all of us missionaries, but me a little bit more probably. just kidding :) ahah thats funny that you guys and Elder Matinas mom are chattin a little bit! She told Elder Matina in her email to him that she read my blog a little bit then looked us all up on facebook ahah mission moms are all the same! Me and Elder Matina get along great. We're about the same age, we both like sports and stuff and we have a lot of the same interests! No lie, hes a little bit better than me at tagalog, but its okay. but I'm getting better everday still! I knoiw how to say "good morning" in three filipino dialects! ready? Tagalog: Magandang umaga! Ilacono: Naimbag nga bigat! Cebuano: Maayong buntag! yay filipino dialects! and I'm still in the process of learning good morning in another dialect called Waray. Now i have a funny story about one of our investigators! his name is Vincent! and hes like 40 i think. anyways, we taught him on saturday afternoon and invited him to come to church on sunday at 9 am so he said he would come. when we got to church on sunday, we didnt see him, so we were kinda sad. anyways, after church, we were in our ward council meeting and then elder Matina looks out the window and sees him standing outside the church. so we rush out of the class and go talk to him! so he says that he woke up at 6 o clock in the morning but he thought to himself "church doesnt start until 9, I can go back to sleep and wake up again at 8 and be fine" so he went back to sleep and when he woke up again it was 9:30! so he hurried and got dressed and came to church at around 10:30. but he couldnt fine us or anyone he knew so he asked some guy what he could do, and the man he asked told him that there was another sacrament meeting at 1, so VIncent went home, ate lunch and cam back at 12:30, which is when we saw him. so we talked to him and said by all means he could still go to church at 1 just we wouldnt be there, but he said that is just fine because he wanted to attend church so badly! so he weent to church at 1 until 4. ahaha it was awesome! He is a great guy. oh and today we have a zone activity! we're going to the beach. but we arent allowed to swim. its kind of sad. but the beach is still fun! but I felt like the ocean will just be taunting me the whole time :( anwyays, I will take pictures! just kidding because my memory card is broken :( I may use some of the money I have to buy a new camera. is that okay? because I cant live without taking pictures! theres so much to take a picture of here! it will be like the only thing I've bought in like 2 months. ahaha. now for a small scoop on my new area! the area itself is much smaller than Bacoor, but the city of Dasmarinas is much bigger! in the whole city of Bacoor, there were 4 missionaries, in the city of Dasmarinas there are 10 or 12 I think? so each area is much smaller! so we spend a lot less money on transportation, we just walk everywhere. my calves are getting YOKED. ahahah. we are farther from the mission home then I was in Bacoor, so we rarely, rarely go there. actaully i havent ever been to the mission home. the mission office and the missoin home are in completely different cities! you probably meant the mission office ahaha. in my opinion it is much prettier here than it was in Bacoor! and the people are just as friendly. so I like it here a lot better than I did Bacoor! anyways, its about time for me to go now, we have an hour bus ride to the beach ahah. I love you guys and miss you tons! stay golden, Lasley family. :) Love, Elder Lasley

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