Monday, March 10, 2014

Feb 23 2014: My Pet Goat

Hey Dad! and the rest of the family!
Sounds like things are going great in Flagstaff, lots of trips to phoenix for sports, basketball and lacrosse! thats awesome. I'm still impressed that Sam and Ben are doin so awesome at their own individual sports, I wish I could be there to watch some games! Just make sure Sam is still playing basketball when I get home and that Ben plays lacrosse his senior year too, so I can watch them! To answer your question about the camera, I haven't bought one yet, but I am planning to later today! We're going to a bigger mall later after we email and they have this huge place called CyberZone witht literally anything technology related, so I will buy a pretty nice camera. I agree, if I just bought a cheap one, I might have to buy 2 or even 3 more by the end of my mission, but if I get a pretty nice one, it should last me the rest of my time here. Dont worry about putting money on my card or anything, I have plenty of spending money, but I may need to withdraw 2000-3000 pesos (dont worry thats only about $60) to help pay for it. We'll see!

The beach last week was actually a blast! I thought it was going to be disappointing because we couldnt actually do much beach related activities, but I hung out with two new missionaries from our zone, Elder Erickson from Edmonton (yeah Canada!) and Elder Hansen from Washtington, who are super cool guys! We just beach combed and messed around in the ankle deep water ahaha it was fun. I had them take a lot of pictures so they can email them to me and then I will email them to you next week! the trip to the beach was about an hour long van ride, we had two vans for about 40 people, so it was packed beyond belief. Not a very comfortable ride as you can imagine. we first tried to go to a more famous beach, but to get there, you have to cross through a Philippine Marine base for some reason, so when we were trying to cross through, we got stopped and told we couldnt pass because there were too many undocumented foreigners (obviously we didnt have any ids or passports on us), so we had to go to another less popular beach, but it was still a blast. we were at the beach fro around 2 hours, then another hour long bus ride home. You guys should look up pictures on google images or something of the beach we were at! its called Ternate beach, Cavite. check it out!

 this week our work was better than last week, but it still wasnt great. Honestly we just dont have enough ward missionaries work with us! For my 4 and a half weeks so far in this ward, we havent had one ward missionary work with us, and its really starting to effect our work. The reason is because we need at least one other man over the age of 16 to be with us for us to teach a lesson to a female. and many of our planned lessons are with single females, or families where the husband is rarely home. but nevertheless, we work hard and find people to teach! We focused a lot on finding through our own efforts this week. Just talking to people outside there houses, or along the street and tactfully turning it into a gospel centered conversation. its quite a talent ahaha. So we've started building a solid pool of potential investigators.

 I dont really have any other stories to tell this week, it was a hard week for work, but we will turn up next week and I wil have stories for days hopefully! I did receive the valentines day care package little thing with cheap candy, but I have not yet replied to Bens letter! I'm actaully planning on sending something home with it so it may take a while, but Ben will be very happy I imagine. so tell him to be patient! I miss him too! I mean I miss all of you guys, but I feel like I havent talked to Ben in forever, and we used to talk a lot ahaha. alright, I have to go here pretty soon, but I'm gonna send some pictures that Elder Matina has from his camera so you'll actually get some pictures this week! I love you guys and miss you a lot! Stay golden lasley family.

 Love, Elder Lasley!
Elder Lasley and a pet goat

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